Medio Segundo is an International Human Resources Consulting Firm, specialising in Marketing, Communications and Advertising.

Complementary Reciprocal Matches by Talent Hunters

It happens in a split second. That moment of connection. Of understanding. Chemistry. You can’t see it. You can’t force it. But you can feel it. It feels right. Some put it down to luck or chance. Others to being in the right place at the right time. To us, it’s just about knowing what to look for. That split second. We are Talent Hunters. We believe a Split Second makes all the difference. Our job is to create that difference. 


Each Split Second is full of value

Years of experience in searching talent has showed us that the Split Second Theory is universal.

We are an International HR Consultancy, with over 15 years’ experience in Marketing, Communications, Advertising and Creativity amongst others. We develop all kinds of projects: permanent, temporary or freelance. Our specialisation is a deep market knowledge as well as the working culture within the companies of this industry. This allows us to create successful matches and to speed up the recruitment process.


We find talent wherever it is, thanks to our international network of trusted colleagues our areas of expertise are:

Digital and Technology
Innovation and Digital Transformation
Social and Digital Strategy
Creativity and Design
Marketing and Communications
Directors and Accounts
Project and Media Management
Branding and Strategy
Your Job

Medio Segundo has the experience and the resources to help you to discover your own potential and take your next career step.

Find your Next Job


If you are actively job seeking or thinking of a new professional challenge, we can help you find it. We assess you on all the possible moves you can take, including the best way to do it and how to be more visible to the companies you are interested in. Finally, we present your CV to those projects which best match your profile and we help you in preparing your interview for the best results.

Professional Coaching


By using a Personal Marketing Plan, we help you to develop your potential and achieve professional success. Helping you to increase your professional responsibilities or reposition your career if necessary. We analyse your personal and professional profile in individual sessions, so as to identify your strengths and areas of improvement. Thus, we can provide you with the resources to overcome any obstacles and help your growth towards your professional success.

Your Talent

Finding the best talent is an investment. Knowing how to retain it is the best return.

Talent Search


Based on our experience and on your needs, we help you define the position requirements which mark our candidate search. This search is always confidential and exclusive, both from our side as well as our colleagues. Our candidate evaluation process is based on a Key Competences System, which allows us to evaluate them from different aspects and levels: personal fit, cultural, structural and organisational fit, strengths and improvement areas, change motivation.



Medio Segundo can also advise you on making internal decisions, both related to the team and the structure. Through personal interviews with your team, we analyse your talent and internal processes. Then, we prepare a final summary report and an action plan to implement the required changes within your organisation.

Development of Internal Talent


Our large experience with consultancy firms and HR departments, allow us to design ad-hoc career paths, salary surveys, motivation and on-going education, to help you to retain and protect your talent within your organisation.

The Team of Medio Segundo

We are Talent Hunters and we love what we do and how we do it.

We have extensive experience in RH Departments, Consulting and Research. This allows us to have a 360 degree candidate-company perspective for a deeper understanding of their needs.


Founder, Talent Hunter & Consultant

“ I’m passionate about literature, people, cultures, and languages. I’m motivated by the talent and potential that everyone has. For me, this is the engine of everything. ”


Talent Hunter & Professional Coach

“ Creativity is to invent, grow, take risks, have fun, and to live. This is what moves and motivates me. Connecting, sharing, and engaging with myself and others. Surprised others and being surprised. Helping talent and clients to achieve their goals. ”


Talent Hunter & Brand Consultant

“ I’m a hardworking, intuitive person both in my professional and personal life. And of course, I also apply this to searching for talent. I try to see not only someone’s aptitude but also what they can provide. ”


HR Consultant & Researcher

“ I have an infinite passion for any living being, any form of expression, diversity, and harmony. My levels of serotonin slightly increase when meeting and understanding others and discovering what really connects us. Combing our talent for the best outcome. ”


Creative Brand & Art Direction Consultant

“ The architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said –Less is more– and I think –yes, I agree– because it applies to multiple aspects, recognising the essence and having a clear basis, with which we can define a brand, a trajectory, and even a person. ”

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